SINTAIKE STK-6200Fully Automatic Wafer Taper
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    STK-6200_Fully Automatic Wafer Taper feature

    Advanced ESD roller taping 

    Fully automatic tape feeding & mounting

    JEL Robot

    Wafer position & warpage intelligent mapping

    JEL Alignment

    Heating ESD contact wafer chuck to handle various wafers (Optional) 

    Wafer cassette loading & unloading 

    Standard industrial PC control with 17” touch panel LCD

    Made of full aluminium profiles frame 

    Built-in Ion Blower for ESD protection

    STK-6200_Fully Automatic Wafer Taper Performances

    Wafer Yield

    >= 99.9 % (not include damage wafers)

    Taping Quality

    No Air Bubble (not include particle bubble)


    >= 70 PCs Wafer


    > 500 Hours


    < 1 Hour

    Down Time

    < 3%

    Conversion Time

    <= 15 Minutes

    STK-6200_Fully Automatic Wafer Taper Specifications: 

    Wafer Size

    Diameter:4”, 6” & 8”

    Thickness:300 ~ 725 um

    Wafer Type

    Si , GaAsSingle Flat, Double Flat or V-Notch

    Tape Type

    Blue Tape or UV Tape

    Width:120 ~ 240 mm


    Thickness:0.03 ~ 0.2 mm

    Taping Chuck Temp.

    Room Temp. ~ 100 °C Controllable (Optional)

    Cutting System

    Multi-Axis Fine Precision Profile Cutter;  edge cutter heater, up to 120℃

    Wafer Place Accuracy

    X-Y: +/- 0.2 mm   Θ : +/- 0.2°

    Input & Output

    Single Input Wafer Cassette / Single Output Wafer Cassette

    Customer Specified (Sample Supply)

    ESD Control

    Ion Blower

    Wafer Robot

    JEL Wafer Robot

    Wafer Position & Warpage Intelligent Mapping in Cassette

    Wafer Alignment

    JEL Alignment

    Control Unit

    Standard Industrial PC with 17” Touch Panel LCD,Windows7/10 ProO/S

    Power Supplier

    ingle Phase AC 220 V, 20A

    Air Supplier

    60 PSI CDA, 2.5 CFM

    Conversion Time

    <= 15 Minutes


    1300 mm (W) ×1500mm(D) ×1800mm(H)

    Machine Construction

    Made of Full Aluminium Profile

    Net Weight

    600 Kg around

    (Specifications items update without notice)