OKAMOTO GNX200BPWafer grinding
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    OKAMOTO GNX200BP Wafer grinding概要:

    Model GNX200BP grinder is a fully automatic continuous downfeed grinding machine. Wafers are handled through the machine by a robot, and load/unload arms. Two different stations are used for wafer cleaning after the final grind station. Chuck speed, grinding wheel, and grind spindle downfeed rate speeds can be used to manipulate grinder throughput, surface finish, and wheel life. A two-point in-process gauge measuring system controls wafer thickness under grind spindles 1 and 2. A three-point grind spindle angle adjustment mechanism is utilized for easily maintaining wafer profile (ttv); with the option a motorized adjustment. After completion at the grind station, the wafer transfers to Polish unit automatically. The local polishing unit removes subsurface damage for increased wafer die strength, and the ability to handle final thickness of 50 microns.

    OKAMOTO GNX200BP Wafer grinding仕様: 


    wafer-machining diameter of wafer

    Ø64” or Ø8”

    Grinding Spindle:  Bearing type 


                                 Rapid feed speed 

                                 Grind feed speed

    Air bearing, maximum 3600 rpm 

    2.2 kw, 4P, high frequency motor 

    200 mm/min 

    1 to 999 µm/min

    Grinding wheel size

    Ø250 mm

    Index Table: Number of work spindles 

                        Work spindle Bearing type 

                        Speed of Work Spindles

    Mechanical Bearing, or Air Bearing (optional) 

    1 to 600 rpm

    Automatic Sizing Device:

              Wafer thickness measuring system 

              Wafer minimum setting size

              Wafer size display range

    2 point contact in-process gauge 

    1 µm 

    0to 1.2 mm; extended range software available

    Table Cleaning Device (Grinder side)

    Water + Ceramic block

    Wafer Cleaning Unit (Grinder side)

    Water + brush, and spin/rinse dry station

    Number of Cassettes

    2 stations for each unit (Grinder & Polish unit)

    Polish head 

    Oscillation speed 

    Head Load 

    Pad size

    3 Kw AC servo motor for 10 – 460 rpm 

    100 – 8,000 mm/min. 

    50 – 999 g//cm2 

    200mm O.D.

    Polish table speed 

    Vacuum Chuck material

    3 Kw AC servo motor for 50 – 200rpm 

    Alumina ceramics (dedicate size of wafer)

    Chuck cleaning

    Brush + Water

    Wafer cleaning

    N.C.W + DI water for Polish surface & Air blow spin dry


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