ALPHAPLASMA AL76 Compactプラズマ洗浄機
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    AL76 Compactプラズマ洗浄機概要

    The Alpha Plasma System AL 76 Compact is the perfect all-rounder. This microwave plasma cleaner meets the full 360 degrees of today’s requirements in advanced chip packaging.

    The innovative system design and microwave coupling makes the AL 76 Compact to the most productive and versatile plasma system. Proven ECR technique is just an example from the wide range of operating modes. The classic rotary table set-up is included also rounding off the system configurations.

    AL76 Compactプラズマ洗浄機特長

    Improving Wire Bonding

    Improving Solder Ball Attach

    Improving Flip Chip Underfill

    Improving Molding


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