Tenney 8.5SVOVacuum Lab Oven
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    Tenney 8.5SVO Vacuum Lab Oven概要

    Tenney vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and many other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres. The vacuum oven includes microprocessor digital control, built-in over temperature protection as well as a door with full viewing window.

    Tenney Vacuum Oven Benefits:

    Built in over temperature protection

    Ramp and soak microprocessor control

    Corrosion resistant interior and shelves

    Standard viewing window

    Electric plate design for extended life performance

    Heavy duty construction

    Tenney 8.5SVO Vacuum Lab Oven特長

    Temperature Range: 15°C above ambient to +200°C

    Uniformity: ±3.5% of set point

    Over temperature: Independent over temperature safety system factory set with reset pushbutton

    Heating Element: Electric plate design for extended life performance

    Vacuum Capability: Site level to 8 torr

    Vacuum System: 1" (25.4mm) manifold, chamber rear, exterior, connects to pump or in-house 

    vacuum source

    Interior: Corrosion resistant stainless steel with stainless steel shelves

    Cabinet: Heavy gauge powder coated steel construction, dual wall, with fiber-glass insulation for 

    minimum heat loss in walls and door

    Gasket: High temperature silicone specially molded for positive seal

    Viewing Window: Standard on all models; permits observation of work in process

    Shelves: Two shelves come standard. Additional shelves are available. Shelves are removable and


    Electrical: Power cord included+

    Heat Enable light

    Water-Cooled Door on IGF models 8880 and 9980

    Tenney 8.5SVO Vacuum Lab Oven Test Chamber Quality:

    TPS Thermal Product Solutions is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of environmental test equipment. The Tenney Brand has been an industry leader since 1932. Our decades of experience, processes and procedures ensure quality and reliability of every test chamber or walk-in room we manufacture. Rest assured that you are purchasing a world-class piece of equipment built to perform and last.


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