Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert GasHigh Temperature Oven
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    Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert Gas High Temperature Oven概要

    The Blue M Ultra-Temp® Inert Gas High-Temperature Oven, pressure tested at operating temperatures, is suitable for all inert gases and non-flammable forming gases (maximum 4% hydrogen, balance nitrogen).

    Benefits of the Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert Gas High Temperature Oven:

    Welded and sealed inner chamber eliminates fume migration into the insulation

    Prevents oxidation on product

    Alerts operator of loss of airflow and shuts down oven heaters to minimize unwanted results

    Ensures safety of operators with a door switch that shuts down heaters and blower when door opens

    Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert Gas High Temperature Oven特長

    Approved for Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, and Nitrogen inert gases

    Open-air heavy gauge nichrome wire heater elements

    Unique inner/outer shell chamber allows coolant ambient air to circulate around an inert gas inner chamber

    Intake blower motor

    Gas flow and chamber pressure monitor and regulator on control panel

    A high volume horizontal airflow system

    6 inches of Mineral wool insulation

    Blue M tadpole door gasket design

    3/8 inch inlet connection

    Exhaust port and damper

    Pressure Relief Valve

    Purge timer

    Heat Enable light

    Water-Cooled Door on IGF models 8880 and 9980

    Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert Gas High Temperature Oven性能:

    NFPA 86 Class B oven

    Temperature range: 15°C above ambient to 593°C (1099°F)

    Uniformity: +/-2% of setpoint

    Control Accuracy: +0.5°C

    Resolution: ± 0.1°C

    Empty chamber performance with exhaust closed and at rated voltage


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