GOOT RX-760ASSoldering Station
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    Product Specifications: 

    Variable Temperature Setting
    The RX-760AS has a wide temperature setting range from 200—500°C. With digital display, temperature control is easy and highly accurate.

    Quick Heat Recovery
    New all-in-one tip with integrated heater (Patent Pending) maintains temperature even during heavy soldering. Low temperature soldering is also possible which reduces the risk of thermal shock to low capacity electrical parts.

    Tip Sensor to measure actual tip temperature (Patent Pending)
    Accurate measurement and control of the tip temperature using the tip sensor.

    Easy to Use Design
    The RX-760AS can be combined with the RX-701/711 series and stacked to save space. The soldering unit itself can be used with the RX-932AS and is designed for good balance and ease of use. Easy maintenance with connector type replacement tips.

    Protective Cover (Patent Pending)
    The protective cover prevents tampering with temperature calibration and setting.





    110,   120, 130, 220, 230, 240 V AC 50/60Hz

    Power   Consumption


    Soldering   Iron Voltage

    24V   AC 70W

    Temp.   Setting Range


    Temp.   Display


    Insulation   Resistance (500V DC)

    Over   100MΩ


    Soldering   Unit

    200mm (w/o cord bushing)

    Control Unit



    Soldering   Unit

    Approx.   40g (w/o cord)

    Control Unit

    Approx. 1.8g (w/o cord)

    Leak   Voltage

    Less   than 0.5mV

    Ground   Resistance

    Less   than 0.3Ω

    Control   Unit to Soldering unit Cord Length


    Power   Cord Length

    1.3m (3 core cable) ground plug


    Soldering   Iron Stand ST-77

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