GOOT GP-510Gas Powered Soldering Iron
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    Product Specifications

    By changing the tip it can be used as a blow torch or hot knife.

    Quick heating; only takes 30 seconds from ignition until soldering can begin with soldering temperature adjustment equivalent to 15-75W.

    Operation time is approximately 45 minutes between refills (when used at max. volume).

    One-touch ignition switch for easy ignition using only one hand.




    Portasol   Pro Piezo

    Combustion   System

    Gas   Heating System


    175mm (w/o cap)


    65g (w/o cap)

    Max.   Temp. Output

    580°C (Soldering Iron)

    1300°C (Blow Torch)

    625°C (Hot Air)

    Refill   Time

    Approx.   30 sec.

    Ignition   System

    Piezo   electricity ignition system

    Gas   Type

    Butane   Gas

    Operation   Time per Refill

    Approx.   45mins. (for soldering) with temp. on Max.

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