MALCOM RDT-250CTable Top Module Reflow Oven
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    RDT-250C Feature:

    · The local matrix control system of upper heater makes possible for reflow soldering less than 5C

    · The ideal trapezoid profile heating for lead-free soldering can be made easily

    · Low power consumption provides excellent cost-performance benefits

    RDT-250C Specifications:

    Applicable Circuit BoardUp to 250W x 330L x 15H mm
    Outer Dimension830W x 557D x 523H mm
    Heating MethodUpper-face : Extreme infrared radiation with hot air
    Lower-face : Extreme infrared radiation
    Cooling MethodExhaust damper continuous operation by flowing air or N2 air
    (with flow adjustable valve)
    Power Supply200V 50/60Hz 18kVA 3Phase
    Air0.3 - 0.5MPa 100 liter/min (Maximum)
    O2 Concentration in Furnace (when using N2)100ppm minimum
    PCB InstallationNet system or Carrier system (Selectable on request)
    Upper-HeaterExtreme infrared radiation with hot air heater
      : 7.2kW (Approx.240W x 30 block)
     * Adjustments can be made using the Matrix control system
    Hot air heater : 8kW (2kW x 4)
    Lower-HeaterExtreme infrared radiation heater : Approx. 2kW (330W x 6)
    Temp. AccuracyRoom temp. - 80C : +/-3C
    80C - 330C : +/-2C
    Measuring Temp. RangeRoom temp. - 330C
    Measuring Points1 - 6 points
    N2 Gas Supply Function100 liter/min. with flow regulating valve during operation
    ControlExclusive softwarefor Windows XP/2000
    WeightApprox. 110kg

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