MALCOM OAS-1Oxygen Ananlyzer
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    OAS-1 Feature:

    · Requires no calibration with reference gas before using the analyzer

    · Features longer sensor service life than other galvanic battery type sensors

    · Has a PC communication output port (RS-232C) as a standard feature

    OAS-1 Specifications:

    Measurement rangeOAS-1-150ppm~1000ppm
    Measurement accuracy OAS-1-150ppm~1000ppm ±50ppm
    OAS-1-250ppm~1000ppm ±50ppm
    1000ppm~1% ±500ppm
    Response90 seconds (90% response value)
    Warm-up timeApprox. 5minutes ('---' is displayed for 4 minutes and blinks for 1 minute)
    Gas temperature+5~50℃
    Gas humidity0~85%R.H.
    Ext. outputOutputs digital signals at 1-minute interval (thru. RS-232C)
    9600bps, non parity, stop bit : 1
    Source voltage100VAC, 0.5A or less
    Outer Dimension170W×140H×315Dmm
    WeightApprox. 3kg
    Sensor lifeApprox. 3years (depending on the use environments)

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