SINTAIKE STK-8061Semi-Automatic Wafer Debonding Irradiater
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    Semi-Automatic Wafer Debonding Irradiater STK-8061 Main Config:

    Wafer Sizes : 4'& 6'& 8'

    Load/unload Methods:Manually load and unload wafers/frames.

    Deboding Principle:Laser debonding.

    Laser Head:355nm wavelength automatically scanning.

    Frame Fixation: Spring fixating pin.

    Control Unit:PLC based control with 7' touch screen.

    Manually Glass pick up/Peeling.

    Semi-Automatic Wafer Debonding Irradiater STK-8061 Options:

    Option1: Automatic glass pick up .

    Option2: Automatic peeling.

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