MALCOM PCU-203Solder paste viscometer
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    Malcom PCON-200 Paste Viscometer Specifications:

    Viscosity sensorScrew pump type
    The viscosity was measured5Pa.s to 800Pa.s
    Number of revolutions1 to 50 RPM
    Sliding speed(0.6 × N) S-1
    Measurement accuracyIndication value ± 5%
    Accuracy of rotation± 2% encoder control
    Repeatability± 0.5%
    Adjust the temperature rangeRoom temperature ± 5 ℃ (setting range of 15 ~ 30 ℃) thermostatic tank containing
    Setting functionWhen the buzzer (setting the value of viscosity)
    Logger outputViscosity: 1 mV / Pa · s, temperature: 10 mV / ° C
    Built-in printerTemperature, viscosity, sliding speed, laps, date
    Automatic measurementJIS standard measurement method
    power supplyAC100V, 50 / 60Hz 70VA
    AccessoriesSilicone KF96, stirring inside and outside the tube

    Note: The measurement accuracy is measured at 10 RPM using silica gel test solution

    Malcom PCU-203 Paste Viscometer Online Measurement Content:

    Automatic measurement, read data, flow characteristics charts, viscosity index K / stir value of TI / viscosity non-recovery rate R automatic calculation.


    Note: You can not use the recorder meter to communicate with the computer (RS-232C) function at the same time

    Note: The PCU-201 and PCU203 can not be connected with the PC function (RS-232C)

    Malcom PCU-203 Paste Viscometer Use:

    Solder paste, film thickness of paste, adhesives, solder paste solder paste, liquid solder resist paint, other inks, sticky paste and so on.

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