MALCOM PCU-02VSpiral viscometer
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    Measure the Viscosity &Thixotropy with 0.2cc, Small Amount of Sample.

    Malcom’s Unique Spiral Sensor realizes continuous measurement of non-newtonian fluids with good repeatability.

    The measurement settings & data save are easily available with the software.

    PCU-02V is a optimum device for Expensive Materials Testing & Analysis, obtaining the Viscosity Characteristics with 0.2cc, Small Amount of sample.
    New-developed Spiral Pump Sensor enables to measure materials having high Thixotropy with good repeatability. (constant Shear rate & time)
    Temp. Control function allows for more accurate measurement and temp. characteristics analysis.
    The software makes it possible for Automatic Measurement & etc.

    Measurement   Range

    20~300Pa.s   (20~50Pa.s 20rpm 50~300Pas 10rpm)

    Sample Amount


    Speed Range   (N)

      FIX: 10rpm

    Shear Rate (D)


    Measurement   Accuracy

    ±5% of the   indicated value

    Speed Accuracy


    Temp. Control   Range

    1540 (when the room temp. is 25) Built-in thermostat


    0~50 Resolution: 0.1 Accuracy: ±0.5



    Digital   Display

    Viscosity Temp. rpm

    Digital Output


    Recorder   Output

    Viscosity: 1mVPas Temp: 10mV


    JIS Z8809   Standard Fluid for Viscosity Calibration or
      Semi-standard calibration fluid KF96 (option)

    Power Supply

    AC100V240V 5060Hz 100VA

    Outer   Dimension

    315(D) x   335(W) x 376(H) mm


    Approx. 8kg   (including sensor part, approx. 1kg)

    * Measurement Accuracy is the accuracy of the PCU-02V tested with Semi-standard calibration fluid under the room temp. 25±2 & 10rpm.
    * The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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