EMIC Vibration Testing SystemVibration Testing System
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    This test system generates vibration according to the parameters such as arbitrary force, acceleration, and frequency. It can evaluate various industrial products by applying vibration load.

    EMIC Electrodynamic vibration test system for evaluating industrial products against vibrations. This system consists of a vibration generator, a power amplifier, and a vibration control system. It can provide a vibration test to cope with various loads such as sine vibration, random vibration, mechanical shock pulse and replication of real-time trace.


    F Series - Standard System:Exciting Force = 1300 to 60000 N

    FH Series - High Velocity System:Max. Velocity = 2.0 to 2.3 m/s Large

    FL Series - Large Displacement System:Max. Displacement = 100 mmp-p

    FV Series - Ultra High Speed System:Shock Pulse Duration 11 ms & Level 980 m/s2 (100 G)

    FT Series - Transportation Test System:Most appropriate for transportation tests.

    FC Series - Large Water Cooled System:High exciting force = 60k to 200 kN

    FP Series - Permanent Magnet System:No Field Coil·Ultimate energy saving System

    FM Series - Triaxial Electrodynamic System:Multi-axis vibration test system Max. Frequency 2000 Hz

    FB Series - Triaxial Electric Servo System:Multi-axis vibration testing system, for transportation test

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