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    Control and evaluate the reflow process from various angles not only temperature profile control.
    Moreover, newly add Temperature Profile Prediction function for rapid examination.
    ●Simultaneously display Temperature, Wind Speed & O2 concentration.
    ●Save time by Profile Making Support functions.
    ●Enables viewing TPD format files (for Temperature Analysis Program TAM series). Data transfer from


    Data Reception to a PC.

    Receive the data taken by Reflow checker series and Reflow process control series to a PC, displaying the state in oven.

    Test Result Checking

    Loking at the temperature profile, easy to check each data value by moving a cursor.

    The image taken by Observation Monitor are played from the specified point on the temperature profile.

    Overlay and save test results by plural devices. (by same models is not available)

    Zoom Function

    Specifying the range, view a part of graph to expand.

    Analysis Mode

    Standard / Data List / Preheating / Main Heating / Zone / Channel / Wind Speed / O2 Concentration

    Judgment Result Display

    Select if OK or NG is shown on the graph.

    In OK/NG judgment, the result for setting condition is reflected in measurement setting mode.

    Judgment Items

    The judgment (OK/NG) items and range for measurement results

    Preheat Time, Over Time14, Temp Max, Slope Ave.13, Cooling Time, Slope Max, Delta T, Target Time

    Data Printing

    Allows to select from a variety of print styles, CSV is also possible.(The example of Printing Report Style) 



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