MALCOM DS-05Dip Tester
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    DS-05 Feature:

    · The tester enables the preheat and the solder temperature to be measured at any given locations

    · With the dip time sensor points increased to three points, the dip time can be verified with reliability

    · A conveyor speed measuring feature is added, enabling the reliability of a soldering unit to be checked

    DS-05 Specifications:

    General Specifications
    Cold contact point compensationAutomatic compensation with platinum temperature measuring resistor
    Battery to use4 AA cells
    Usable timeMore than 200 continuous hours
    Outer DimensionW92 x D195 x H50 mm
    Weight840g (without battery)
    Measurement Data Specifications
    ItemSensorDisplay methodMeasuring rangeAccuracy/Contents
    Soldering TemperatureCA sheath thermocoupleDigital LCD 3-digit0 - 300C+/-2C
    Temperature on the underside of boardCA thermocoupleDigital LCD 3-digit50 - 300C+/-2C
    Dip timeElectrodeDigital LCD 3-digit0 - 10.0sec+/-0.2sec
    Conveyor speedElectrodeDigital LCD 3-digit0.1 - 9.9m/min+/-0.05m/min

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