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    ・Wide range of data can be obtained at one operation.・Preheat temperature 
      (temperature on underside of the board caused by preheaters.) ・Soldering temperature ・Dip time

    ・A liquid crystal is used for the digital display to prolong battery life.

    ・Memory of data is retained until the power is turned off.

    ・The attachment unit of the tester can be adjusted accordingly to correspond to various circuit board widths.

    ・By attaining high density equipment of electronic circuits, more compact configuration and lighter weight of the 
      case are adopted.




    Model Name


    Standard   contact point compensation

    Automatic   compensation with platinum temperature measuring resistor

    Ambient   temperature

    5 minutes or   less OK at ambient 120C

    Battery to use

    S-006P 9VDC, 1   piece

    Usable time

    More than 10   continuous hours

    Life of sensor   mounting plate

    More than   5,000 times at soldering temperature 250C and dip time 5 sec.

    Outer   Dimension

    95(W) x 200(D)   x 65(H) (mm) (Main unit)

    Width of   Installation

    132mm - 162mm


    800g (without   battery)

    * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

    The Dip Tester enables you to set up and maintain the flow soldering equipment easily and accurately. This has been developed with using the latest technology and expertise in soldering equipmet.

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