MALCOM SAP-1Syringe Filler System
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    SAP-1 Features:

    · High Accuracy Dispensing

    · The dispensing accuracy for powder is ±0.3mg, for liquid, 1mg

    · Customize the system configuration to the production site

    · Depending on the production tact, phosphor & etc, selectable from Manual, Semi-automatic & Automatic types Speedy

    · Dispense 1g powder, 10g liquid in one minute, improving the production efficiency

    · Low-cost

    · Automatic type

    · Semi-automatic type (ex. Liquid + Liquid + Powder & etc. Customize the configuration)

    SAP-1 Parameter:

    MethodPowder Screw MethodLiquid Screw Method
    Min. Scale±0.1mg±0.1mg
    Hopper Capacity50cc (Standard)-
    300cc (with Option)
    Air Pressure0.5MPa0.5MPa

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