MK MKS504S/MKS504PDigital cable stripper
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    Cable stripper by 4 blades rotary slide system and digital setting system.

    Power Up version is also available as MKS504P (Power of Rotary, Cramp and Slide are up)

     MKS504S/MKS504P Features:

    1.Digital setting system for setting cutting depth, semi strip length, number of rotary by easy key setting.

    2. Sharp cutting by 4 blades rotary slide system.

    3. 99 data can be memorized.

    4. Φ2~24mm strippable without changing of blade. *Some cables are not suitable for this machine.

    5. English and Japanese are available on display with Help mode.

    6. Cable type setting helps you to set cutting depth. WL1 / WL2 / HIV / IV / KIV/ KIP / VCT2cores / VCT3cores / VCT4cores Based on actual results checked by MK Electronics Ltd. You can also memorized 20 your cable name in User’s cable type. (Maximum character is 8)

    7. Simple mode prevents miscall from memorized data

     MKS504S/MKS504P Specification(unit:mm):

    Strip Length2~100mm(Additional long semi strip is possible by option.)
    Cable Diameter *1Φ2~24*1
    Core cable diameterΦ1~20
    Semi-Strip length5 [by 5mm unit]
    MIN Cutting Depth[mm/click]0.1
    Running   Time
     (tested by AC100V/ 50Hz) [sec]

    approx.5 sec.for 50mm long, 1 rotation 

    / approx.6 sec.for 50mm long, 3 rotation.

    Blade MaterialSpecial Blade
    Blade Four Sheets
    Data Capacity99 Items
    Power SourceAC100V 50 / 60Hz 5A
    External Dimension *2370W×583D×332H *2

    *1 Some cable is not suitable for this machine.
    *2 Not including any objection

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