MK MKS30X/30XPDigital Cable Stripper
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    MKS30X/30XP Features:

    · We adopt digital adjust for the first time in the industry. You can easy adjust cutting depth , semist length and revolution speed of blade

    · Sharp sections by V-blade rotary slide system

    · Has short distance, from cable-entrance to cutting-position

    · 60 data memory – you can set and use memory data anytime. If you buy memory option, you get 98 data

    · Can strip φ2~φ10-cable ,no exchange blade

    · Adoption hollow structure. So can enable Long semi-strip(Use Long strip guide 30X-LSG)

    · Exclusive circle-blade is useful item for stripping thin sheathes and wires which is difficult to strip by V-blade. Any size will be made to meet your sample

    MKS30X/30XP Parameter(unit:mm)

    STRIPPINGLENGTH5~100(above100 available as extra)
    SEMI-STRIPmore than 5 (in every 5mm)
    WORKING TIME (AC100V 50Hz)about 2.3 seconds MKS30X

    (strip length: 50mm, When V-blade revolves one time)

    about 3.5 seconds MKX30X

    (strip length: 50mm, When V-blade revolves three times) 

    about 3.0 seconds MKS30X

    (strip length: 100mm, When V-blade revolves one time) 

    about 5.0 seconds MKS30XP

    (strip length: 50mm, When V-blade revolves one time)
    BLADE MATERIALHSS (high-speed steel)
    DATACAPACITY60 data (If you buy memory option, you get 98 data)
    POWERSOURSEAC 100V 50/60Hz 3A

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