MALCOM TD-7ASolder-paste print inspection system
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     TD-7A Usage:

    Automated table-top inspection system for measuring paste height, area, volume, and misprinting.

     TD-7A Feature:

    ・Active Slit-Laser scans the board, and displays a full 3D image.

    ・Multi-colored LED illuminates using 16.77 million colors, making it possible to measure various kinds of PC 
       Boards accurately.

    ・Gerber data program allows for speedy data inspection.

    ・A variety of 2D & 3D measurement functions can be selected according to user needs.

    ・SPC data analysis of the automated measurement data. (optional)


     TD-7A Specification:



    Model   Name




    Misprinting,   Area, Height, Volume

    PCB   Warpage Range


    Measurement   Range

    5.85mm(W),   4.39mm(D), 50 - 300μm(H)


    Approx.   5.2μm

    Approval   / rejection function

    Automatic   inspection using color image processing. 
      Automatically determines if paste meets user-specified standards using color   image processing.

    Speed 2D

    1sec. /   field (5.85mm x 4.39mm)

    Speed 3D

    7.5sec. /   6cubic mm (Resolution 5.2 x 20μm)

    Inspection   Data Testing Method

    Teaching   data 150 frame / PCB, Gerber data conversion program

    Inspection   Data Output

    Test File   format Available SPC Analysis software (Option)

    PCB   Dimension

    Minimum.   : 50 x 50mm Max. : 250 x 330mm Thickness : 0.5 - 3.0mm

    Measurement   Range Possible


    Optical   Section

    Light   Source1

    Overhead   RGB LED (16.77 million colors)

    Light   Source2

    Angled   RGB LED (16.77 million colors)

    Light   Source3

    Semiconductor   Laser


    High-speed   & High-resolution color camera

    Camera   Field

    6.5 x   4.9mm

    Height   Measuring Principle

    Optical   cutting triangular surveying by laser slit light, irradiation angle 45deg.

    Area   Measuring Principle

    Color   image processing


    Semiconductor   Laser : 8mm(W) x 10μm

    Safety   Classification

    Class 3B


    Circuit   board clamp table

    Circuit   board gripping allowance 3mm, both-side clamping is possible

    X axis

    Stroke :   260mm


    troke :   340mm


    troke :   ±5mm

    Outer   Dimension

    500(W) x   690(D) x 320(H) (mm)


    High-speed   image processing computer system built in



    Power   Supply

    AC100 -   240V, 50-60Hz, 450VA


    Universal   serial bass USB x 2 Keyboard Input Mouse Input Monitor Output

    * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

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