MALCOM SY-2V/SY-8V/SY-36V/SYG-1Materials Vacuum Mixing System
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    SY-2V/SY-8V/SY-36V/SYG-1 Features:

    World's First, Uniformly Stir and Defoam the phosphor, dispersing agent and encapsulant as they are in syringes.Process Shortening & Making good use of LED materials.

    SY-2V/SY-8V/SY-36V/SYG-1 Parameter:

    Vacuum (5~30cc)Vacuum (5~55cc)Vacuum (170~360cc)Nonvacuum (5~30cc)

    10ccx4pcs. or 30ccx2pcs.

    10ccx16pcs. or 30/55ccx8pcs.


    5/10ccx4pcs. or 30ccx2pcs.

    Mixing Capacity per Syringe2~30cc2~55cc2~360cc2~30cc
    Rotation:1/2 of Revolution SpeedRotation:1/2 of Revolution SpeedRotation:1/6.3 of Revolution SpeedRotation:1/2.4 of Revolution Speed
    Max. Vacuum Pressure0.5KPa0.5KPa0.5KPa-
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