SANYOSEIKO SK-5000High Temperature Observation Equipment
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    1. Sample Stage


    2. Temperature control unit

       2-1. Setting for heating process profile

       We can set it up per 1 sec, 1 degree and 127 steps (0~99M59S/step)

       2-2. Heat up time speed:300℃/min(5℃/sec)MAX

       It can be easily and shortly detected something and by checking reflow profile.

    3. Observation unit

       3-1. Magnification: ×20~×520(17inch monitor)

       It can be observed by the most suitable magnification.

       3-2. Resolution:10μm

       3-3. It can change observation position and magnification in heating.

       Thus it can detect and check easily unknown micro-part.

    4. Image unit

       4-1. Image quality and time of recording

       It can record less than 40 hours by MPEG-2(140GB/ch)

       4-2. Impose

         1) Temperature in the chamber

         2) Heating time

         3) Measurement

         4) Comment(the above impose can be easily edited)

    5. Atmosphere in heating

       5-1. AIR

       5-2. N2 (oxygen density, From a few PPW to atmosphere) But it depends on purity N2.

       5-3. Vacuum (0~13Pa)

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