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    【Stop production and sales】

    core9070a is an extremely tiny little reflow device which can literally “condense” a real reflow environment into its compact body.

    Combined with an industrial or digital micro scope or various other observational devices, core9070a allows you to watch real time and under heated conditions the deformation, warpage and various other behavior of the target electronic device or connector and the solder’s wettability (solderability).



    Your industrial microscope in normal use can be changed to an effective observational and measurement device of coplanarity and warpage at high temperatures.

    The behavior of the target work inside the heating unit can be viewed through the glass windows from 4 directions; i.e., from above, below, front and behind.

    Combine your digital microscope with core9070a, and you can make the observation result in videotape recording.

    A real reflow process can be reproduced by setting the temperature profile.(Sixteen different temp profiles can be stored in advance.)



    Reflow Scope – Micro   View




    VAC100 ±10%( 50 60Hz

    Power consumption

    Approx. 800VA

    Supply air pressure

    0.3 0.6MPa

    Air consumption

    Approx. 80L/Min

    External dimension

    Heating unit :(W191mm×D180mm×H90mm (excluding extrusions)

    Control unit :(W325mm×D320mm×H275mm (excluding extrusions

    Installation space

    Heating unit :(W200mm×D200mm×H100mm

    Control unit :(W350mm×D500mm×H300mm


    Heating unit Approx. 2.5 kg

    Control unit Approx. 11.5 kg

    Ambient operating   temperature




    Hot air blower heater 100V 350W×2

    Heater life


    Heating method


    Heating temperature

    Room temp ~ 300°C

    Heating area


    Temperature control

    (W)50mm×(D)39mm×(H)15mm (on the special glass stage)


    Photograph elements

    The inside reflow temperature is under control from room temp. to 300°C by convectional heating

    Temp profile

    A profile can be so created as to have 16 temperature points for

    measurement. Sixteen such profiles can be stored in the memory inside the unit.

    Four directional observation

    Observation inside the reflow can be made from 4 directions, namely, from above and below , and from

    front and behind.Coplanarity can be measured from sideways using the prism mirror.

    Observation is possible using reflected and permeated light through the upper and lower glasses.

    Work temp measurement

    Work temperatures, measured by the attached thermocouples, can be displayed and recorded.

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