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    【Stop production and sales】

    Reflow plus X-ray Scope

    X-ray captures Phenomena inside the reflow

    Of large A-4 sized PWBs as well as small electronic devices

    The recent trend in the use of lead free solders and the production of high-density and miniaturized electronic parts and devices have more than ever caused various soldering problems such as poor solderability and lack of solder penetration causing voids. CORES Reflow Scope X-ray Type, core 9060a, is highly indispensable in the real time observation of such defects and failures in answer to the increasing demand for analysis and management of the entire soldering process.

    Conventional X-ray observation machines can hardly identify and analyze the real cause of soldering problems because those machines permit you to confirm any soldering problems only after the completion of soldering.

    CORES Reflow Scope X-ray Type, core9060a, unlike others, is able to observe any phenomena and movements of the applied solder and the soldered device real time by creating similar thermal conditions to those inside the real reflow oven. Thus, core9060a will play a paramountly important role in the selection of suitable solder materials, in the management of reflow setting conditions and in the analysis and study of how voids develops in soldering.


    X-ray examines works ranging from small electronic devices to PWBs in A4 size

    CORES has developed on its own a special reflow oven to make the observation of larger works in size; thus,PWBs in A4 size as well as small chips or BGAs can be directly observed as they are being surface-mounted under heated conditions.


    Unique method permitting X-ray observation at high power (X200)

    core9060a, installing an X-ray tube right inside the reflow oven, realizes a high magnification power which has never been achieved by now as the X-ray tube in any conventional X-ray observation equipment is separately placed away from the reflow. CORES has challenged and overthrown this common concept and successfully developed a special X-ray tube and a special reflow, so that the latter can accommodate the former inside its own to achieve the magnification of X200 for observation.







    Main unit : 200 VAC ± 5 % (50/60 Hz), Single phase

    Control unit : 100 VAC ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

    Power consumption

    Main unit : Approx 15 KVA (200 VAC)

    Control unit : Approx 1.5 KVA (100VAC)

    Air pressure

    0.5MPa ~ 0.9MPa

    Air consumption

    Approx. 850L/Min

    External dimension

    Main unit : 1464mm(W)× 1335mm(D)× 2150mm(H)

    Special table : 1200mm(W)× 800mm(D)× 770mm(H)


    Main unit : Approx 1,500 Kg Special table : Approx 50 Kg

    Ambient operating temperature




    200V / 3,200 W × 4

    Heater life

    Approx. 5000h

    Heating method

    Convection with heat air

    Heating temp

    Room temperature ~ 300℃ ( Tem to be set by each 1℃)

    X-ray tube


    10 ~ 160KV


    0 ~ 0.2mA (Max 10W)

    Focal distance



    Micro focus (open tube)

    X-ray leakage

    1.0 μSv / h or below

    Other major functions

    Temp profile

    16 temp points to be set, measurement data to be   printed out

    Data saving

    Temp/time/animations(AVI, COR*, MPG) to   be recorded as per

    30 frame/sec, still pictures(BMP, JPG) to be recorded   as snaps

    Logger unit

    Temp of a target piece to be measured   with thermocouples according to a

    designated temp profile and the result to   be saved in CSV, Max 8 points

    (8 channels) to be measured

    Photograph area

    0.36mm(W)× 0.27mm(D)~ 24mm(W)× 18mm(D)


    Optical: x3 ~ 200、Electrical: x7.5 ~ 500

    Stage size

    50mm ~ 210mm(W)× 10mm ~ 300mm(D)  20mm( H)

    Observation area

    192mm(W)× 275mm(D)

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