CORES core9055aTemperature Control Observation Module
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    【Stop production and sales】

    Not only observations but real surface-mounting are possible on various electronic devices as big as PCBs in A4 size


    With the enforcement of the RoHS 2006, there has been an overwhelming world-wide trend in the use of lead-free solders for the surface mounting process in the production of electric and electronic parts and devices. Lead-free solders, requiring much higher temperatures when applied in reflow ovens, however, created various serious problems such as poor soldering wettability, coplanarity or warpage of connectors, PCBs and other devices on the production lines.


    CORES, to cope with these problems, has taken advantage of its own relevant technical and commercial expertise in the area of temperature control related products, and has developed core9055a for the realization of easy inside reflow observations from wide angles and of uniform heating and cooling efficiencies on PCB substrates. core9055 thus enables you to vividly observe and record in real time solder wettability as well as the shape change of electric and electronic parts and devices as the applied solder is being melted.


    Observations and real surface mounting on targets in size up to A4

    core9055a has a big show case with transparent walls for you to do surface mounting in there on PCBs, CSPs, BGAs and so on in size up to A4 and watch them from above, below and front through the glass windows.


    Uniform temperature environment produced by convection

    core9055a’ unique convectional heating method makes it possible not only to allow the aforesaid easys observations from below but also to produce a similar uniform temperature environment to those of real reflows.



    200VAC ± 5%(50 / 60Hz) single phase

    100VAC ± 10%(50 / 60Hz)

    Power consumption

    Main unit:13KVA (200VAC)

    Control unit : 0.5KVA (100VAC)

    Air pressure

    0.5MPa ~ 0.9MPa

    Air consumption



    Main unit W 760mm × D 380mm × H 540mm

    Control unit W 235mm× D 400mm× H 375mm

    Special Table W 1650mm × D 750mm × H 700mm


    Main unit 90Kg  Control unit 19Kg  Special Table 100Kg

    Ambient operating temperature




    200V 3200W ×4

    Heater life


    Heating method

    Convection by hot air

    Heating temperature

    Room temperature to 300°C

    Heating area

    W 250mm × D 340mm × H 80mm

    Temperature control

    Controlled by temperature controller and thyristor unit,

    monitoring the temperature with thermocouples.


    Photograph elements

    1/3” interline

    Total pixel number

    380,000 pixels in colour

    Converted amplification

    Standard magnification:(×8 ~ 64) ( Standard )

    High magnification:(×32 ~ 256) ( Option )

    ( Resolution1,280 x 1,024 pixels on 19’ monitor )

    Photograph area

    Standard magnification:W 25.0mm × D 18.8mm ~ 2.9mm × H 2.2mm

    High magnification:W 6.3mm × D 4.8mm ~ 0.8mm × H 0.6mm


    Standard magnification: 82 mm High magnification: 83 mm


    Light source       

    100 W halogen lump

    Light lifetime

    1000 h

    Average lux

    600000 lux


    130 VA

    Power consumption0.24KVA(120W ×2)


    Temperature profile

    Up to 16 temperatures can be designated in the profile.

    Data storing

    Temp.,time and animations(AVI,COR*MPG)can be recorded as per

    30frame/sec and still pictures(BMP,JPG) as snapshots

    Logger unit

    Temperatures of max 8 points(via 8 channels) of the target piece can be

    measured with thermocouples and in accordance with the temperature

    profile,The measured data can be saved in CSV

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