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    Remove the heating unit from the camera stand and install it to your microscope, then you can immediately measure coplanarity under reflow conditions.

    Space required for installing Microview α: 200 mm(W) x 200 mm(D) x 100 mm(H)


    A convection heating method of real reflows

    Being small enough to get installed on your microscope, Microviewα adopts a convectional heating method similar to that of realreflows. Any samples within a size of 50 mm x 39 mm can be analyzed under real reflow conditions.


    corePlayer , the special software for SMT process analysis

    corePlayer”helps analyze samples’behavior by obtained image data in animation and still pictures in comparison with a given temp profile as the image data and the temp profile synchronize with each other. The fast forwarding / rewinding operation is so easy using the cursor on the PC that you can quickly move to the scene you want to check and observe in detail.


    Camera stand with a 180 degree moving range

    The camera stand, designed spesifically for Microview α has a wide movable range of 180 degrees semi-circularly from vertical to horizontal. So you can focus on any particular image as you like and repeat observation at any given angles by easily adjusting the scale provided along the way the handling lever moves.



    Microview α




    AC 100V±10%(50/60Hz)

    Power consumption

    Approx. 800VA

    Supply air pressure

    0.3~0.6 Mpa

    Air consumption

    Approx. 80L/Min

    External dimension

    Heating unit :(W)191mm×(D)180mm×(H)90mm (excluding extrusions)

    Control unit :(W)325mm×(D)320mm×(H)275mm (excluding extrusions)

    Camera stand:(W)391.5mm×(D)220.5mm×(H)391mm (excluding extrusions)

    Installation space



    Heating unit :Approx. 2.5 kg

    Control unit :Approx. 11.5 kg

    Camera stand:Approx.10 kg

    Ambient operating temperature




    Hot air blower heater 100V 350W×2

    Heater life

    Approx. 1000h

    Heating method


    Heating temperature

    Room temp ~ 300..(A fraction less than 1.. is disregarded for setting.)

    Heating area


    Work setting area

    50mm(W)x39mm(D)x15mm(H) (glass stage)

    For temp control

    Temp regulator、thyristor unit and thermocouple


    Photograph elements

    1/2” color CMOS

    Total pixel number

    2 million in color

    Convert magnification

    Standard magnification:x 3.5 ~ 24.1 High magnification: x 28 ~ 192.8

    (On the15.6 ‘’ monitor of the attached note-type PC with screen resolution 1,280 x 1,024 )

    Photograph area

    Standard magnification: Approx. 30.4mm(W)×22.5mm(D) ~ 4.2mm(W)×3.1mm(D)

    High magnification: Approx 8.8mm(W)×6.6mm(D) ~ 1.1mm(W)×0.8mm(D)

    (in the case of camera input of 800×600, 20 fps)


    Standard magnification: 82 mm High magnification: 83 mm


    Light source       

    High power LED

    Light lifetime

    Approx. 40000h

    Average lux

    45000lux(5cm distant)  15000lux(10cm distant)


    100VAC(Use the attached adapter)

    Power consumption

    4W(Light source in max brightness)


    Temp profile

    A max of 32 points setting is possible per temp profile.

    Image data saving

    Temperature, time and animation data(AVI, COR, MPG) can be

    recorded in a max of 40 frames per sec (when the screen size is 640×480.)

    Still picture data (BMP,JPG) can be recorded in snap photos.

    Work temp measurement

    The work’s temperatures are measured by the attached

    thermocouple and displayed and saved on the control unit.

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