TAMURA TND33-509LHReflow Soldering
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    TND33-509LH Feature:

    ◆ Low energy consumption(Low CO2 emission)

    We develop an "Internal circulating system = Ductless system" which reuses the exhaust heat from the oven without being affected by the external temperature. This holds down electric consumption over 30% compared to other reflow systems.

    ◆ Flux recovery performance

    The discharge to outside of the furnace of VOC and flux and other harmful matter is reduced by catalyst + flux recovery system.

    ◆ Low Frequent Maintenance

    Special heater & internal circulating system keeps the oven temperature stable without being affected by the external temperature. This enables reheating with low energy and low flux adhesion which usually occurs at the low temperature point in the oven.

    ◆ Rapid Switching Time

    New designed auto air valves which are installed at each heating zone realize rapid temperature drop and less interference between each heating zones. It enables to shorten switching time around 1/3.

    ◆ Intelligent valve

    By providing an automatic valve at each heating zone and flowing in warm air cooled by a radiator, the furnace internal temperature is freely controlled and effective temperature setting is performed without temperature interference between zones. 





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    TND33-509LH Parameter:

    Heating Zone9
    DimensionsL5013×W1355×H1550 (mm)
    Flow height from Floor910±20mm
    Power SourceAC 200V ±10V 3φ 50/60Hz 
    38KVA  125A 
    Applicable board(W):50~330mm 
    Components height



    Control SystemPLC
    10.8inch Color Touch Panel Display 

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