RHESCA PTR-1101Bonding Tester PTR-1101
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    PC data manipulation and standalone operation.

    Cost save and easy start up

    We can provide to the customers appropriate custom made work holders.


    Measurement item

    Pull test; Push test; Peel test; Shear   test

    Destruction Nondestructive

    Breaking mode

    Seven types of one-touch entry,from   A to G,Another alphanumeric character

    Measuremenl speed

    Pull; Push; Peel;

    0.01~5mm/sec (0.6~300mm/min)


    0.01~10mm/sec (0.6~600mm/min)


    0~10000μm Step

    Stage movement range

    Xaxis ±50mm

    Y axis ±50mm

    Rotation 360°(Manual operation)

    Tool movement range

    Zaxis 70mm MAX

    Rotation ±170°90° Automatic rotation

    Measurement accuracy

    ±0.2%   at the full scale

    Sensor load range

    Pull   20gf~20kg(0.19N~196N)

    Push  20gf~20kg(0.19N~196N)

    Peel    100gf~5kg(0.98N~49N)

    Shear 100gf~50kg(0.98N~490N) Selection   from range of the following

    Unit of output

    gf/N Switch display

    Setting at
      measurement hold time

    0.05sec~10min 0.05sec Step


    USB or Printer

    Stereo microscope

    Zoom type  Magnification 7.8~40

    Power supply

    AC100V~240V 50/60Hz





    Auto zero functions

    In (Zero corrections are by the   automatic operation at each measurement)

    Sensor calibration function

    Automatic registration(Weight is   read to the main body of the device    with a weight.)

    Safety feature

    Overload detection function

    (When the measurement range is   exceeded while measuring it,it staps automatically)

    Destruction prevention function when   tool descends

    (When the measurement tool hits the   sampie,It stops in the place)


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