SUGA ICM-1TImage Clarity Meter
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    ICM-1T determines the image clarity(also known as DOI-distinction of image)of an object appearing on coating,painted aluminum,and other materials.It also measures the distinction of an object seen through a transparent film or plastics.Currently,ICM-1T is widely used for checking gloss of ink-jet paper and for quality control of materials whose finishing is very important.

      ICM-1T Specification:

    Measuring method(Use)

    Transmittance(plastic   films and others)and reflectance

    (coatings,paintings,colored   aluminum,paper,films for LCD,and others)

    Values to be   measured

    Image   clarity C%,maximum reflectance(transmittance)M,minimum   reflectance(transmittance)m

    Measuring   angles

    Transmittance:0°incidence and viewing of   transmitted light

    Reflectance:45°incidence and viewing,or   60°incidence   and viewing

                      (Either of the angles can   be selected by switching.)


    0.03mm(JIS K   7105,JIS K 7374)or 0.1mm(JIS H 8686-2),

    Either to be   selected upon request



    Optical comb   width

    0.125mm,0.25mm,0.5mm,1.0mm,and   2.0mm


    Within 0.2%   standard deviation of C (subject to the light passing the 0.125-mm wide   optical comb and transmitted through air)

    Electrical   requirements


    External   dimension and weight

    Optical   unit:Approx.Width 23cm,Depth 48cm,and Height 31cm;approx.35kg

    Operation   unit:Approx.Width 23cm,Depth 33cm,and Height 16cm;approx.4kg

    Related   standards

    JIS K 7105,JIS   K 7374,JIS H 8686-2;ASTM D5767;and ISO 10216

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