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     HZ-V3 Summary:

    Haze Meter is an instrument that measures an object’s haze value, which is the ratio of total light versus diffused light that passes through an object. A totally translucent material will have a haze value of 0, and the value will increase as the amount of diffused light increases (making the light appear foggier). This instrument is applied in a wide range of commercial industries that handle translucent materials, such as plastics, glass, beverages, pharmaceuticals (liquid), cosmetics, and also films and encapsulants for liquid crystal displays, photovoltaic modules, etc. In order for us to respond to the voices of our customers and become able to handle the ever so diversifying specimens, HZ-V3 was developed with the pursuit of usability and accurate measurement. The instrument can be set either vertically or horizontally, depending on the specimen.

     HZ-V3 Specification:

    Measurement   method

    TM Double Beam   method

    Measuring   light

    C light and   D65 light  (A light is also available*)

    Measurement   items

    Haze(Haze), total   luminous transmittance(Tt), diffuse luminous

    transmittance(Td),   parallel light transmittance(Tp)

    Specimen   dimension

    Max. 260 x 180   x thickness 30mm

    Max. 260 x 145   x thickness 25mm (use specimen stage)

    Light source

    Halogen lamp   12V 20W

    Light receptor

    Combination of   photocell and filter


    Data memory   (max. 500 data)

    Language   changeover system (English and Japanese)

    Average (max.   99 times) / Automatic measurement mode

    Measurement   time

    Maximum 2.5   sec.

    Display and   control

    5.7 inch   high-definition TFT colour touch panel


    Prints the   measuring light, measurement items and measured value


    USB2.0 B   terminal

    (transfers   measurement data to PC)


    Within   standard deviation of 0.02 ⊿Tt(measuring 30 times in a row using air space after adjusting to   standard)

    Power source

    AC100 -   240V  50/60Hz

    Extradimention   and weight

    Approx. width   32 x depth 32 x hight 48cm (at vertical position) (approx.18Kg)


    Excel transfer   software

    Calibration   standard plate x1

    (Select a plate from haze of 1%, 10%, 20%, total luminous transmittance value included)


    Foot switch

    Specimen   holders(Liquid cells,   magnetic film holder,

    Attachment for   JIS R 3212: aperture diameter φ7mm)


    ASTM D1003,   ISO 13468-1, ISO 14782

    JIS K 7136,   JIS K 7361-1, JIS K 7105, JIS R 3212(A light)

    *When specifying A light, also select either C or D65 light.

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