SUGA CC-mPortable Spectrocolorimeter
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    CC-m is a Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

    It is great for measuring the surface of large specimens on site. Its vertical structure allows the user to use it in nearly any situation, such as measuring in narrow spaces and measuring rough surfaces. Its large color LCD touch panel makes it easy to read, prevents mistakes, and reduces fatigue. The light source is SUGA's distinctive VI-LED (High color-rendering index white LED) with long lifespan and light suitable for color measurement. Its dual synchro sensor method with two spectroscopes gives it an outstanding long-term stability.

     CC-m Features:

    Easy to see large-screen color LCD

    The icons are large and visible with a 4.3 inch large-screen color LCD. The measurement results are displayed on a large graph making them easily visible for all users.

    Operability with special attention to usability

    All the necessary functions can be found at the main menu, allowing the user to operate with minimal amount of button-pressing. The M button on the side of the device allows the user to perform the three most commonly used features (zero standardization, full scale standardization, and measurement).

    Stability greatest of its class

    The dual synchro sensor method simul-taneously observes the reflective light from the sample and the lamp’ s light energy, wavelength by wavelength. The light source is SUGA’ s distinctive VI-LED (high color-rendering index white LED) with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours (20 million measurements), which produces light all across the visible spectrum, as opposed to the traditional white LED. These features and superb reliable electronics makes the instrument perform with outstanding long term stability.

     CC-m Specifications:

    Measurement conditions

    A, C, D₅₀, D₆₅, D₇₅, F₂, F₆, F₇, F₈, F₁₀, F₁₁,   TL₈₄, UL₃₀

    (2° and 10° observer   angles)



    Diffuse light source, 8°   observer angle (switchable between de:8° and di:8°), reflectance measurement


    Measurement aperture   diameters

    10 mm, 5 mm


    Dual synchro sensor method


    Wavelength range

    Light source

    400 – 700 nm, 10 nm interval

    VI-LED (High   color-rendering index white LED)



    The standard deviation of ⊿E*ab within 0.04

    (measuring a white   standard 30 times consecutively)



    Approx. 82(W) × 112(D) ×   248(H) mm [weight: 980g]

    Power capacity

    3.7V rechargeable   lithium-ion battery

    Charging time

    Approx. 7 hours (capable   of approx. 1000 measurements at full charge)

    Battery charger

    AC 100 – 250V 50/60Hz 0.5A


    USB2.0 miniB

    Data storage

    100 standard data, 1000   samples


    Average, standard   deviation


    JIS Z 8722, JIS L 0809,   CIE Pub. No15, ISO 7724, ISO 11664,

    ISO 105 J01 – 03, ASTM   E313, ASTM E308, ASTM E1164

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