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     CC-i Summary:

    Colour Cute I is an all-in-one photoelectric tristimulus colorimeter,capable of measuring both reflection and transmittance.It also prides itself of repeated testing capability and long-team stability.

    The geometry of the reflection measurement is reception at 8°with diffused lighting.The instrument is switchable between measurement with and without specular reflection light (8°:de or8°di),allowing accurate measurement of specimens that include substantial amount of specular components.The condition for the color measurement is selectable from Clihgt with 2°observer angle,D65 light with 10°observer angle and D65 light with 2°observer angle.For the first time in its class,a colour touch panel is installed,allowing easy measurement operation for every users.It also includes many features such as a printer,USB interface for measurement data transfer,Excel transfer software,and variety of setting categories,all available in a much more reasonable cost.

    1.Stability  Best stability of its class

    2.Operability Easy to operate with the popular colour touch panel format

    3.Features Variety of features with easy data management

    4.Size Optical and measurement components together in a compact size

    5.Price Greatest cost performance of its class

     CC-i Specification:

    Color measurement conditions

    C light with 2°observer angle

    D65 light with 10°observer angle

    D65 light with 2°observer angle




    Reflectometry      8°incidence   diffused light viewing

                               (switchable between 8°:de and 8°:di)

                               [confirming to JIS Z 8722 condition d]

    Transmission       0°incidence   diffused light viewing

                               [confirming to JIS Z 8722 conditiong f]

    Measurement method

    TM double beam method

    (Photoelectric tristimulus colorimetry)

    Aperture diameter

    Reflectometry Ф30mmФ15mmФ5mm

    Transmission  Ф30mm

    Light source

    Halogen lamp


    Prints the selected measurement values and conditions.


    Maximum 99times

    Data Memory

    Maximum 500data


    USB 2.0 B terminal


    Within standard deviation of 0.02of⊿E*ab

    (after measuring 30 times using the standard white calibration   plate *1

    Power source

    One-phase 100 to 240 V *2,approx.200VA,50Hz/60Hz

    Exterior dimension and weight

    Width 43 x length 39 x height 23cm [approx.12.5kg]


    JIS Z 8722,CIE Pub.No15

    *1 The standard white calibration plate,used as the standard for measuring values,is traceable to the international standard by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

    *2 AC 100V power cable for Japanese electricity comes as a standard attachment.A separate power cable will be necessary to use this instrument where the power source is other than AC 100V.

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