TAMURA RMA-20-21Lead Paste
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    RMA-20-21 Features:

    · Flux is non-halogen RMA type

    · It will enable to have a stable printability with little change with the passage of time during continuous printing

    · An excellent printability can be obtained as against a fine patterns of 0.3mm pitch

    · Having a good solderability, it shows an adequate wettability for parts

    · Excellent in storage stability having practically no change in viscosity with the passage of time

    RMA-20-21 Parameter:

    ItemsRMA-20-21Test methods 
    Alloy compositionSn62.8/Pb36.8/Ag0.4JIS Z 3282(1986)
    Melting point179~183℃According to DSC measurement
    Particle size of solder22-38μmAccording to laser diffraction method 
    Shape of solder powderSphericalJIS Z 3284(1994)
    Flux content9.5±0.3%JIS Z 3284(1994)
    Chlorine content 0.0%JIS Z 3197(1994) 

    JIS Z 3284(1994) 

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