The Change of the Preparation Method of GOOT2016-07-21  Views:

Dear Customer:

   Thank you for your great support and assistance to goot products.

   In order to improve the satisfaction and provide better services. GOOT suction tin part of the line, from the previous bag needle system, changed to flat needle system, needle system than needle system with heat conduction faster than, and better suction.

   Thanks to the majority of users love and support, the inconvenience caused by the table would like to apologize, if in doubt you are welcome to consult the regional agents.


Gute special tin absorption line change model

CP-1515 / CP 1515-10 / CP-15B / CP-15Y

CP-2515 / CP-2515-10 / CP-25B / CP-25Y

CP-3515 / CP-3515-10 / CP-35B / CP-35Y


Change the point

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