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Japan's famous BGA rework station brand DIC (Denon) Greater China agents in the General Assembly held in Shanghai Hapoin Enterprise, DIC Co., Ltd. President Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Chen Jingjing Hapoin business representatives, as well as other representatives of DIC agents in China Co-attendance.

It is reported that DIC agents in this meeting require agents to strengthen the DIC BGA rework station in the Chinese market promotion, DIC Co., Ltd. president of the crossing? Ai Shichong first confirmed the Hapoin enterprises, including the promotion of the agents DIC BGA rework stage, and commitment in the next few years, DIC will vigorously support agents in the Chinese market promotion activities, mainly from the logistics, information flow and other aspects to provide convenience and support.

DIC Corporation President Mr. Watanabe Atsushi announced at the meeting the latest rules of the agent, the new rules focus on safeguarding and safeguarding the interests of agents, has been Hapoin and other participants in the unanimous approval of agents, agents Said the DIC BGA Rework Taiwan in the Chinese market sales prospects affirmed.

DIC at the meeting for the agents to develop the next few years sales targets, listen to Hapoin enterprises and other agents over the next few years on the DIC BGA rework station promotion and sales plan, and gave a positive.

After 4 hours of meetings, as the organizer of the meeting, Hapoin Enterprise invited DIC Corporation and DIC representatives of other regional agents for dinner, the DIC agent conference successfully concluded.

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