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The children are about to welcome their most exciting holiday, "6-1 Children's Day" in the flower of the flowers and the rich season. This year, the company is still working for the children of the company to prepare a variety of books for their reading, with a beautiful little card written with a blessing.



In this festival for children all over the world, Hapoin Enterprise sends the blessing of the festival for older children and friends of children. I wish you childlike innocence forever, happy and happy, invincible in the world! I wish you, Mom and Dad's babies, happy Children's Day International Children's Day! I wish all the children in the world a happy growth! At the same time, I also wish all the adults in the world happy and happy every day!


Every year, the "Six-One Book donation" activity has already  become an indispensable part of our corporate culture, and we will always uphold the concept of "happy join" and move forward happily with you!

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