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April spring day, 17, Hapoin held a Sheshan hiking activities. In the morning to participate in the activities of the value of Peng employees, in the subway line 9 Sheshan station collection is completed, we unified ride to the foot of the West Sheshan. Looking at the past, this is simply a "Lin Shan." So many trees, although dense and dense - in which airtight, but they are arranged very properly, giving the feeling of a well-organized.

Hiking trip began, everyone in the company "HapoinEnterprise" banner under the guidance of the drums went to the top of the hill, here is the famous Sheshan Notre Dame Cathedral, it was surrounded by trees, thick green shade like a green brocade, will Cathedral of the more charming dress, mist-filled, its appearance is more looming. Or sparse or dense, or thick or pale church view, only in the Chinese painting was a see.

Sheshan from the top of the West down, we then proceed to the East Sheshan, along the way to see the most is bamboo. It is said that the spring of 1672, Kangxi southern tour, had Sheshan title "Lan Shanshan" plaque, a Central Plains is Sheshan bamboo shoots delicious taste, to "title of bamboo shoots and vegetarian, to vegetarian advocacy" education. Today, "Lan Sun Mountain" in the name of little-known, only in the park's west exit of a wall, "Lan Shanshan" three words. In the hillside, next to a few stone bench. We have made a little dressing and enjoy the company's walking meal, we also tasted the general manager to buy the delicious lamb skewers. As the climbing point of consumption of physical, we eat are relish. After lunch, we continue to the top of the mountain. A little while to the top, see the natural forest coffee bar, layout patchwork, is a good place to rest and relax.

Sheshan play the whole thing, everyone felt that foot is not fun. We went to the Moon Lake sculpture park, into the park, you can see some strange shape of the sculpture: there is a seemingly large sail sculpture, but also reminding us of scenes of a mountain, brings a wealth of association. A special sculpture is a memory, it is the first half, at first glance like a lion head, the lower half is made of a square marble ... ... followed by greeted by a man-made development Of the lake, because the shape is like a moon, so called on Lake. Looking to the distance, several majestic mountains around the lake around, like a vivid picture of the landscape. In the sunlight, we also shot a jump photo of the shore, all of them are youthful, full of vitality.

This day's hiking activities, not only to relax, exercise the body but also exercise everyone's will, let us feel the good things of nature, and then with more full of spirit and state of dedication into new work!

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