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In the "61" Children's Day approaching, Hapoinuphold the "people-oriented" concept, practice Hapoin (Happy Join) corporate culture. A special holiday gift was prepared for the children of Hengpeng's staff: books.

The book is a human friend, the book is the ladder of human progress. Hengpeng encourage employees to children who grew up loving books, love reading, good books good habits, I hope the children in the book to spend a special and meaningful festivals.


Hengpeng HR for the children of different ages carefully selected excellent children's books, from the teeth of the textbook to the beautiful fairy tales of the mind, the Enlightenment books. To help children understand and understand this beautiful world. Let Hengpeng care for each employee in the Children's Day on June 1 this special day to bring children to the positive and happy.


May 16 at the company held a simple and meaningful "I read, I am happy" book activities. Receive the gift of Hengpeng employees feel that such activities are particularly meaningful, thanks to the company's care and concern.

Hapoin"61 book donation" activities have been carried out for five sessions, and will also be as a Hengpeng culture in an activity to continue.

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