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September 24 early in the morning, we officially embarked on a joyous trip to Yandang Shan. Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no pressure on the work around us only reflect the close teamwork between colleagues laughter. Although Shanghai to Yandang Shan drive a long way, but the beautiful scenery along the way, everyone's feelings are HIGH.

In the car, we specifically for the partners carefully organized the game links, and prepared some exquisite gift rewards. In the interactive session, the angel and the owner of the game, attracted everyone's interest. The implication of the implication of this game - there are two kinds of love needs: love the needs of love and be loved needs. Each person has a dual identity, respectively, with the angel role to meet the needs of Shi Ai, with the owner to meet the needs of being loved. This is a training between colleagues understanding, and create a good team atmosphere of the game. Each colleague acts as an angel, then picks up the master's identity card, and helps the master to fulfill his wishes during the two-day event. In the game link, because each little angel's identity is confidential, so the main people to guess their own angel which is really strenuous thought. When the host announced the game began, the small owners have put forward their own aspirations, some people want to get up in the next day to drink a cup of hot tea, and some people want to get a flower before going to bed, and some People want to take the glass plank road when the little angel back up the mountain, and some people want their angels to sing a song for themselves ... ... When the wishes of the owners have been reached, everyone's face filled with With happiness and happiness, the heart is full of love and light. This is also the significance of this tourism activities. Of course, the angel and the owner of the game Yuwen still continues, after the end of the tourism activities, we started the formal work, every day, employees will find surprises, and some more beautiful flowers on the table, and some more warm cup Coffee, the whole atmosphere of the incomparable harmonious harmony.

After a 6-hour drive, we arrived at the town of Yandang, in the enjoyment of a delicious and full of Chinese food, we followed the tour guide came to a large Longchui scenic area. Walking in the area, you will find a lot of deliberately casual design seems to let visitors enjoy the natural feel of nature. Walked a stone path. Along a stream of clear streams, mildly twists and turns. On the other side is a small village, stone walls green tiles, a quietly stands at the foot of the mountains. All the way there are still changing peaks, stones form a different landscape, people dizzying. Peak Road, suddenly entered a small world. I saw a slender waterfall blew out from the air, "Dalongqiu Falls" was screaming. In front of the big ryongchu waterfall falls from the height of the insurance, the beginning is a thin water column, hastily, piercing down, fly nearly half, water column gradually scattered, in order to faint mist, such as autumn In the rain, gently spilled in a pool of water. A colleague immersed in the waterfall on the edge of the Pingshi, but suddenly the water column wet body, and finally can only embarrassed to escape the stone steps.

Lingfeng seen the day scene, as the night quietly coming, we wait until the time to watch the night. Sure enough, Lingfeng night hazy wonderful words, "Ling Feng Ri Jingkan Kan, night even more ecstasy", because these day in the Qifeng rocks in the night against the background of the moonlight and the night, as if painted a mysterious and warm colors, Constitute a splendid line of splash ink paintings, sketched out a beautiful silhouette so Lingfeng night with a more image of the United States, the mood of the United States. In the past, Ling Feng scenic night, was repeatedly compared and imagination, and gradually become rich and beautiful. Coupled with today's changes in people's ideas, given the new creation and play, Lingfeng night more mysterious and mysterious. Walking on the road, there are fireflies to accompany everyone, and the stars of the night sky embraced each other, an increase of a trace of romantic atmosphere. Eat dinner, a pedestrian followed the tour guide came to stay in the hotel, small partners just put down their luggage, can not wait to Hupenghuanyou, have to go shopping, eating barbecue, bubble bath, too rich nightlife.

The second day of the trip is Lingyan scenic spots, the most famous of which is the Yeongam Ferry and this year's opening of the glass plank road. Glass plank road is located in Lingyan Wolong Valley, a total length of nearly 100 meters, with 3 layers laminated glass laminated glass standing on the plank road overlooking the small dragon Qiushui, in case of sunshine, rainbow flying, visual cliffs, magnificent, As if into the natural landscape museum. Walking strike the glass plank road, we went to the small dragon Qiushui, saw the valley long and narrow, flowers and plants in the crevices in the secret growth, suddenly relaxed, muddy heart take off, water wave Yan Yan Shamei, actually sit forget the world, . Xiaolong Qiushui the next corner, the environment quiet quiet, fresh air comfortable, grass long Yingfei, stroll among them to see the morning mist, such as a road veil shrouded in the water, feel Qingyin "Yanguanglengshui months cage sand," unknown foliage Gently swaying in the spring, and its wonderful. Or listen to Yinggeyan singing cuckoo dance, living in the city for a long time in the suppression of the kind of noise and impetuous moment long into a plume of lonely smoke, with the spring away.

After watching the beautiful scenery, we came to the tea room to rest, while watching the most prestigious "Yeongam Flying" performance. In ancient times, most of the valuable Chinese herbs Yandang growth in the shady cliffs, the local farmers in order to survive, climbing cliffs rope climbing system, collecting herbs, so naturally trained a cliff flying wall stunt. Flying performances in Tianzhu, between the two peaks, two peaks separated by about 250 meters, 270 meters high Tianzhu peak, Zhanfeng 260 meters high, so we are called "the world's highest air stage." A closer look at the flight is divided into two parts, the first one from Tianzhu peak to the ground to do vertical flying, imitation of herbs, in the other two control ropes in close cooperation with the master, the performers along the rope from the 270-meter-high Tianzhufeng flying out, jumped down, sometimes sticking rock wall, for herbs; sometimes feet Yi Deng, walking in mid-air; sometimes spread out his arms, such as Mirs wings ... ... Finally down the rope Glide down, "dragon submerged sea" to reach the ground, its "Liusuo straight crossing" the fun of amazing. Followed by another person from the Tianzhu peak "volley across" to Zhanqi Feng, during the performance "Tiannvsanhua", "sea fishing month" and other programs. At the same time with the Yueqing folk songs "on the birds" and "Wild Goose" and other music playback, doing all kinds of thrilling action, the performers will collect the leaves shed from the hands of the formation of flying leaves of the scenery, fascinating.

With the end of the show, we are about to leave Yandang Shan, set foot on the way home. Indeed, the mountain is indeed beautiful Yandang Shan, the United States in the outstanding, the United States in the willowy charming. Yandang Shan Hill is a show, there are dangerous in the show, the mountain is very odd Yandang, odd in the secluded Austrian ... ... In this, I also quoted the words of Xu to describe the "world famous mountains are to look, This scene difficult to record ... ... ". In this Qingshanxiushui Qifeng strange cliffs of the natural mood, that the deposition of sediment in a long time in each of the scenic spots have long been humanized spiritual power, contains a great charisma, to travel to this brought us a The inspiration of life and a life of hope. Compared to the joy of the beauty of the tour even more touching is the friendship between colleagues, regardless of each other, on the road all the way laughter intimate, mutual care with each other, never because of personal impact team, through the trip also deepened The understanding between each other, so that our distance closer to our friendship again sublimation.

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