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Recently, Hapoin  to care for the health of employees, improve the physical fitness of employees, and enhance staff awareness of disease prevention and disease prevention, in particular, invited social practice research physician Zhao Min Jian to Heng Peng for a week of Chinese medicine consulting clinic activities.

(Dr. Zhao Minjian)

The event was a warm welcome Hapoin  employees, attracted many employees to attend. In the clinic, Dr. Zhao enthusiastically measured blood pressure, Chinese medicine diagnosis, acupuncture and massage, explaining the prevention and treatment of common diseases and occupational diseases. At the same time, according to the physical condition of the employees, Chinese medicine practitioners used the unique look, smell, Practices and traditional Chinese medicine equipment for the staff of the free physical therapy.

Staff for their own situation from the medical, health care, self-cultivation and other aspects of the scene to consult a doctor, an increase of a lot of traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge. Through this clinic, many employees not only learned a simple and practical way to alleviate many of the body's pain and pressure, more to improve the concept of Chinese health care.

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