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August 23, 2016, Hapoin in the company held a "big hand small hand happy family day" parent-child activities, to participate in activities of the staff and children spent a happy and meaningful day. Early in the morning, the children took the hands of parents excitedly came to the company. Just enter the door on the wall by the involuntary layout of the colorful balloons to attract children to get the balloon after the fun, the company happy atmosphere of the parent-child activities quickly passed between the children open.

Children in attendance, under the leadership of their parents, have come to the childlike sign wall to leave their little fingerprints and print their names, and adults and group photo, for this special company parent-child activities Souvenir. In the event, Hapoin for the babies are carefully prepared a delicious snack bag of drinks, but also for all ages of the children prepared a beautiful hair accessories and exquisite stationery gift box.


Parent-child activities officially began! Children sitting in the company big conference room, with the assistance of parents, together to complete the EVA three-dimensional stickers DIY games, winners and participating baby who have received their favorite small prizes, very happy. Next to the face of body painting activity time, I saw two big baby with well-deployed paint pigments, to the scene of the little babies and parents painted a beautiful pattern, I heard that some children are reluctant to wipe home . Parents of the company's most active mothers is commendable "work with their parents," part of the mothers took their children to visit their own work area, the little babes turned into a small "workplace up to people," like a decent Start working. The atmosphere was very warm throughout the event, parents with a small smile, one by one to encourage the eyes and a gentle language in a timely manner in recognition of children every time progress, enhance children's confidence, and jointly create a enjoyable balance Peng extended family.

Parents and children are invited to the Pizza Hut to enjoy a luncheon in the relaxed atmosphere.

Good times are always fast, wonderful memories are always memorable, we use the family day record of a good moment. Let us have mixed feelings, in fact, happiness is very simple, love on the side, happy join, the future because of love and health!

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