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    ULF-210RH Features:

    · Foam application can be used even if the solid content is lower

    · For automatic soldering machine,carrier pawl for printed circuit boards is not almost contaminated

    · Flux residue after soldering is light-colored,and remains very little

    · Free of troubles,such as checker pins,etc.because of very little flux residue

    · Excellent solderability though low solid content because of almost free of bridges between QFPs or chips and of non-wetting of circuit lands

    · Excellent flux film reliability because of good compatibility of resin with active ingredient

    ULF-210RH Parameter:

    ItemsULF-210RHTest method
    AppearanceLight yellow transparent LiquidVisual examination
    Color number1~2Gardener method
    Specific gravity0.804JIS Z 3197(1986)
    Viscosity (mPa・s)3.2JIS Z 3197(1986)
    Solid content (%)5.0100℃,1h
    Chlorine content (%)0.0JIS Z 3197(1986)
    Spreading factor(%)88JIS Z 3197(1986)
    Copper plate corrosionPassingJIS Z 3197(1986)
    Water extract resistivity  (Ω・cm)
    1×1011JIS Z 3197(1986)

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