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    S-36 Features:

    · Ensures excellently high reliability and stabilized solderability

    · Flux residue is perfectly free from corrosion and has excellent electrical insulation

    · Flux residue has least hygroscopic property and is not affected by dust for long period of time

    · Appearance is cleanly finished due to thin color tone of flux residue

    · Color tone of flux is thin and color tone does no almost change by application for long period of time

    S-36 Parameter:

    ItemsS-36Test method
    AppearanceLight yellow and transparent liquidVisual examination
    Specific gravity0.862±0.007JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Viscosity (mPa.s)5.5±1.5JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Solid content(%)30.5±2.0JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Chlorine content(%)0.08JIS Z 3197(1999)

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