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    CF-030AGM-3 Features:

    · An excellent solderability can be obtained in low silver based Pb-free solder

    · The product will solve troubles in soldering such as non- wetting and bridge defect in the soldering of printed circuit boards mounted with chip parts and discreet parts

    · Since the flux is of mat type and the surface of solder after soldering will present uniform matted conditions, the inspection after soldering will be easy

    · The residual flux is non-corrosive and excellent in electric insulation

    · Uniform flux coating can be achieved by foaming or spraying

    CF-030AGM-3 Parameter:

    ItemsCF-030AGM-3Test method
    AppearanceLight yellow transparent LiquidVisual examination
    Color number3JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Specific gravity0.822JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Viscosity (mPa・s)4.7JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Solid content (%)15JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Chlorine content (%)0.08JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Acid value36JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Solder spread(%)Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.578JIS Z 3197(1999)
    Copper plate corrosionPassingJIS Z 3197(1999)
    Water extract resistivity  (Ω・cm)
    3×104JIS Z 3197(1999)

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