SUGA MVSS-2|MVSS-3Flammability MVSS Test Instrument
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    MVSS series comply with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards(FMVSS),measuring the burning rate of an automotive interior material in a horizontal position.

    Also available are models MVSS-2 and MVSS-3,which include a control unit that includes a flame height adjustor,a burner flame application timer,a gas supply switch,etc.MVSS-2 is in conformity to FMVSS and SAE,and MVSS-3 is in conformity to ISO and JIS.

     MVSS-2|MVSS-3 Specifications:





    Test chamber

    Stainless steel plate

    Observation window

    Heat-resistant glass


    Bunsen,9.5mm of bore   diameter

    Specimen size

    Width 100mm xLength   356cm,13mm thick or less

    Left door

    Burner with flame   height gauge

    Specimen holder

    U-shaped,with gauge   lines

    U-shaped,with heat-resistant wires and pins

    Electrical requirements



    External dimension and weight

    Approx.width 46cm,depth 32cm,and height   41cm[weight:approx.13kg]

    Approx.width 53cm,depth 29cm,and height   55cm[weight:approx.19kg]

    Related standards

    FMVSS No.302,SAE J369a

    JIS D 1201,ISO 3795

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