SUGA CYP-110,120,160,200Large-sized Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument
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     CYP-110,120,160,200 Summary:

    CYP-200 has a large chamber to test a large quantity of specimens at once. A specially-designed chamber model with a high load resistant bottom is available to test a large component part,assembly,or the finished product.

     CYP-110,120,160,200 Specifications:

    Model                    Internal dimension of chamber                  (WidthxDepthxHeight  cm)

    Quantity of   specimen(Specimen size:

    150mmx70mm,1mm   thick)

    CYP-120                               120x80x50


    CYP-160                               160x100x50


    CYP-160D                             160x100x100


    CYP-200                               200x100x50


    CYP-200D                             200x100x100


    Other available models are:CCT-1 for salt spray,dry,wet,and immersion tests;CCT-1L even for low temperature test;Large combined cycle chamber;and combined light,ozone,and gas testing apparatus of weather meter type.

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