CORES core9038a Coplanarity Measurement & Reflow Observation System
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    Cores Data now World-proven

    Your customers seek only one common Defacto standard to refer to for employing your surface mounted devices (SMDs)

    What is “Cores Data” ?

    “Cores Data” is the accumulated test data of coplanairty, warpage and behavior of various SMDs at high temperatures obtained by using Cores’ Reflow Simulation Series. Such “Cores Data “ has now become “Defacto Standard” widely and universally accepted and introduced into related industries as a practical standard to follow to ensure the quality of your SMDs.

    Thus yours submission of “Cores Data” is nowadays the first requisite for your SMDs to be considered and employed by most set-makers the world over.


    Cores World s First Glass Transpiercing Method has made copla measurement more real live.

    Basic structure of surface mounted devices (SMDs)

    SMDs structurally comprise conductive materials (metals) and insulating materials (synthetic resins).

    Synthetic resin portions, when heated, get deformed by thermal stress.


    See how deformity really develops by heat stress

    Real surface-mount processing stage is strictly under time-temperature control with a proper temp profile applied to the reflow.

    So Cores has made possible real time measurement of the device’s shape change by controlling it with a similar temp profile to those applied to real reflows on the datum plane virtually established on the surface of the special glass.

    And now the test data obtained by the world’s first Glass Transpiercing Measurement Method or Glass Datum Plane Method of Cores has beocme widely accepted as “Cores Data “.

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