CORES core9037aCoplanarity Measuring Module
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    Do you get right under your control various problems due to Lead-free solders and High temperatures in surface mounting process?

    core 9037a, equipped with two sensors, now makes it possible to capture the shape change of PCBs in A4 size under heated conditions in addition to its original coplanarity and warpage measurement ability

    core9037a can measures both the coplanarity or warpage of surface mounted parts and devices and the shape change of larger PCBs up to A4 in size .

    core9037a can probe into the real cause of defects of such devices and PCBs arising on the production lines by setting its temperature profile to be set at any given production reflow ”“profile mode.

    core9037a can analyze the heat characteristics of such devices and PCBs for the study and development of new design by setting “analysis temperature”profile modes.

    The“Glass Datum Plane”method detects pure and precise coplanarity in cooperation with the surface scanning sensor having a high and excellent resolution.

    Basic structure of surface mounted devices

    Surface mounted devices comprise conductive materials (metals) and insulating materials (synthetic resins)

    Resin portions, while heated, easily get deformed by thermal stress


    See how deformity really develops by heat stress

    The real processing stage of surface mounted parts and devices is strictly under time-temperature control with a proper temperature profile inside the reflow oven.

    core9037a, using similar temperature control profiles to those applied to real reflow ovens, can capture and determine various problems real-time including any shape change of the target work piece which may develop in real surface mounting process


    Cores’unique Glass Datum Plane Method

    The surface of the measuring glass is virtually established as a datum plane or a horizontal reference level, on which the surface of the target work piece is supposed to be set for easy and precise reference.

    Glass Datum Plane Method can capture and determine thermal characteristics of the target work piece at high temperatures.

    Glass Datum Plane Method can detect and measure the coplanarity or warpage of the target work piece as the deviation or distance from its surface at each point in numerical values and in great precision.



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