CORES core9031aCoplanarity Measuring Module
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    With the rapid and wide spread of the use of lead-free solders, electric and electronic parts and devices have come to be exposed to much severer heat stress during the surface mounting process than when lead contained solders were commonly used.

    This thermal stress causes coplanaity, warpage and various other shape changes on the parts and devices to such an extent as would make entire production lines shut down, or invite customer’ endless claims and complains leadings to a bad corporate reputation.

    You could not really avoid these possible huge losses and damages without any proper knowledge and counter measures concerning the shape change characteristics of the small parts and devices under heated conditions.

    core9031a only helps you know and solve the problems on the production line and thus save your corporation from these material and serious mishaps in its daily operations.

    core9031a, its Idea and Performance

    Its Glass datum plane method and Temperature profile function in combined synergy

    brings forth the precision in the measurement of any shape change in the surface mounting process.

    The temperature profile function equipped to core9031a is required to be capable of rapid heating just like those real reflow ovens used for real surface mounting. core9031a, to be able to simulate the similar environment to that of reflow ovens, is provided with a convectional heating system and with a newly developed control unit, which minimizes the time in which the temperature can reach designated point and restrains overshooting, hunting, stationary variation and so on.

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