CORES core9012aCoplanarity Measuring Module
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    The determination of the lead coplanarity and pitch of various surface mounted devices such as connectors and BGAs is considered more and more important in the present trend toward the production of smaller and more fine-pitched devices. core9012a, plays a very important role in conducting easier and more accurate and speedy copla and pitch measurement of such leads by way of its“glass reference plane”method.

    The persisting and annoying problem of measurement errors dependent on the difference in character of various work pieces has been greatly eliminated by core9012a in the use of a special laser sensor. core9012a, thus, makes possible the measurement of copla and pitch of each lead in analytic mode and judgment as to whether or not those tested work pieces are acceptable in automatic measurement mode; and the measured data can be automatically registered and stored on inspection sheets.

    High accuracy and high speed in measurement

    measurement is possible as per JEITA standard

    an accuracy within 5 μm in connector height measurement

    measurement time can be reduced by 1/3 to 1/50 compared to optical microscope

    stable measurement is possible without being affected by the color of substrate or the kind of solder applied to the connector leads

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